TMDB – The Movie Database

This is my first android app!
This project is an Android app which displays data from The Movie Database API.


The app displays data of 10000 movies from The Movie Database API.
You can display the movies sorted by popularity, title or release date.
You can search movies.
You can mark movies as favorites and get back to see it afterwords.
Users can write and read comments about the movies.



Technologies and libraries

Room Database

  • All the downloaded information from The Movie Database API is saved in room, to let the application to be used without an Internet connection.
  • Favorites movies id’s are saved in room too.

Firebase realtime database

  • Users comments to movies are saved in firebase realtime database, and downloaded in all app opening.

Firebase authentication

  • Register and Login to the app is done with firebase email/password authentication. (Email verification is not required)



  • Displaying the movies from the room with LiveData.
  • Displaying downloading progressBar with LiveData of the amount of the movies in room.
  • Additional uses.


  • Using WorkManager for scheduling the movies download from the api.


  • Using retrofit for download the movies from the api.


  • Displaying the movies and the comments in recyclerViews with adapters.


  • Download images with Glide.


  • Storage and management of data required for the proper running of the app, like name and color of the current logged user.
  • Storage and management of flags.


Itamar Stern
[email protected]


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