Simple Markdown

Simple Markdown is an open source markdown editor that (surprise) allows you to quickly and easily edit markdown files, and then share them as you please.


  • [x] Auto-save
  • [x] Night mode
  • [x] Save to cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive)
  • [x] Custom CSS for Markdown preview
  • [ ] Better insert for tables/images/links
  • [ ] Quick-insert toolbar for common Markdown syntax characters
  • [ ] Auto-scroll preview to match edit view in landscape mode
  • [ ] Disable live preview in landscape mode
  • [ ] Disable preview tab for better performance in large files


Using Android Studio is the preferred way to build the project. To build from the command line, you can run

./gradlew assembleDebug


SimpleMarkdown makes use of Firebase Crashlytics for error reporting. You'll need to follow the
Get started with Firebase Crashlytics guide in order to build the project.