1.18 made it harder to clear large amounts of space by mining. Let us alleviate that pain a little.


You will instantly mine Deepslate, so long as you are using an efficiency 5 Netherite pickaxe, and have haste II. This is similar to how mining stone with an efficiency 5 Diamond pickaxe with haste II is instant.
This will not affect other deepslate block variants, or the speed of mining deepslate when the above conditions are not met.


This plugin only has one command – /instaminedeepslate [enable/disable]. To save your fingers from typing as much, you can use /imd [enable/disable] instead.


    description: "Change if deepslate can be broken immediately, given the right conditions."
    default: "op"
    description: "If someone is eligible to instantly break deepslate, given the right\
      \ conditions."
    default: "true"

Download this plugin, and drop it into your server’s plugin folder!
This plugin is targeted for PaperMc users.
This plugin should still work on Spigot, but no guarantee is given.

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