Deadline Viewer

Clion Plugin


The plugin adds a reminder message about the deadline to the status bar. Deadline information includes the deadline name, date, and description.


Once installed the plugin, you will see a new status bar item located on the far left of the right status bar. By default, it takes the value “no deadline”.

Status Bar Widget

If you click on this widget, a window will open to show/change the deadline.

Set Deadline Window

Here you can see all the information about the current deadline, and also change it if necessary. In addition, by clicking the “Remove deadline” button, information about the current deadline will be deleted and the bar status widget will again display the message “no deadline”

Status Bar Widget After Setting Deadline

All settings are saved after closing the project or ide.

Change history

Hash Message
18f0429 Initial commit
d0a350c Create plugin
8359d3c Replace plugin into status bar widget
30b87db Add remove deadline button


Salnikov Danil Victorovich, M3108



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