This is a weather forecast application based on the modern Android development tools

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Screen Shots

Libraries and Tools

  • Android Studio Electric Canary 3
  • Kotlin 1.7-Beta
  • Context Receivers
  • KSP (Kotlin Symbol Processing): is a library for processing Kotlin source files.
  • Clean Architecture
  • MVVM
  • Single Activity
  • Dagger Hilt
  • Github CI
  • Retrofit
  • Coroutines (RepeatOnLifeCycle API)
  • Navigation (SafeArgs)
  • ViewBinding
  • Material Design
  • Portrait + Landscape
  • SharedElement Transition
  • Coil


  • There are some PBIs (Product-Backlog-Item) in the Backlog section that could be implemented in the future
  • There are some TODOs in the project source code. Most of them are additional features that could be implemented in the future
  • The current weather is shown in the main screen for specific city code. But its better to show it using user’s location.
  • Some of objects in observation field in the api/estonia/current/ endpoint, have an empty string for their wmocode. So we can’t make an API call for this places. instead we can show details from previous screen.
  • The API doesn’t provide any image url for the place. So it’s better to use some random images from network to have a better UX.


  • CI APK release on master
  • Jetpack Compose Version
  • Room
  • MotionLayout
  • UnitTests (Mockk): is a library for mocking and verifying Kotlin code.
  • Fragments Split (Converting fat Fragments to small fragments)
  • MultiThreading (Coroutines ThreadPoolExecutor)
  • First Offline Cache
  • Google Maps Location
  • Paging
  • MultiModule
  • DatePicker
  • MultiLanguage
  • MultiTheme
  • Network Check


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