A walletconnect implementation written by kotlin for Android platform. It is suggested to modify the source code directly


// topic means the session id,use for confirm the session between app and walletconnect
val topic = UUID.randomUUID().toString()
// PeerMeta is your app information, you can use any string
		url = "",
		name = getString(R.string.app_name),
		description = "WalletConnect Sample App",

// custom a session store, you can use any implementation, default use a file store.

// create a session config. handshakeTopic is the topic you want to use for handshake,
// bridge is the server address, the server used for communication between app and walletconnect
// you can use any server which you want, this is the third party server.
// const val WC_BRIDGE = ""
// const val GNOSIS_BRIDGE = ""
val config = WCConfig(
	handshakeTopic = topic,
	bridge = WalletConnect.GNOSIS_BRIDGE,
	key = walletRandomKey(),
	protocol = "wc",
	version = 1,

// create a connect
// specialApp means you want to use the app as the walletconnect client, default is null string
// specialApp is null, wc protocol will use all walletconnect client which support wc protocol
	context = applicationContext,
	config = config,
	specialApp = "io.metamask",
	callback = CallbackAdapter(connectApproved = { list ->
		if (list.isNotEmpty()) {
			val accounts = list.joinToString()
			Toast.makeText(this, "Connected to $accounts", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show()


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