A Compose Multiplatform Text Typing Animation Library for Android and iOS. Visit this link to checkout Typist for Jetpack Compose.


Add this to your project level “build.gradle” or in newer versions of gradle in “settings.gradle” under repositories section:

repositories {

Add this to your shared module build.gradle file in commonMain under dependencies section:


Replace TAG with library version

Add Typist Composable to your app and configure accordingly:

    text = "Hi! I am Typist.",
    modifier = Modifier
    typistSpeed = TypistSpeed.NORMAL,
    textStyle = TextStyle(
        color = Color.Red,
        fontWeight = FontWeight.Bold,
        fontSize = 28.sp,
        textAlign = TextAlign.Center,
        isBlinkingCursor = true, // if true the cursor will keep blinking
        isInfiniteCursor = false, // if true the cursor will not hide even after the text has been written
        isCursorVisible = true, // if true the cursor will not be visible at all
onAnimationEnd = {},
onAnimationStart = {}


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