Location Reminder

Location Reminder is a TO-DO list app with location reminders that remind the user to do something when the user is at a specific location. The app will require the user to create an account and login to set and access reminders. This is a project for the Udacity Android kotlin Nanodegree Program.


  • MVVM Architecture

  • Firebase Authentication

  • Geofencing API

  • Google Maps API

  • UI and Unit Testing


1. A created project on Firebase console.
2. A create a project on Google console.

Built With

  • Koin – A pragmatic lightweight dependency injection framework for Kotlin.
  • FirebaseUI Authentication – FirebaseUI provides a drop-in auth solution that handles the UI flows for signing
  • JobIntentService – Run background service from the background application, Compatible with >= Android O.


  • RecyclerView
  • Navigation Component
  • ViewModel
  • LiveData
  • Coroutines
  • Databinding
  • Room
  • Firebase Auth
  • Mockito


screen 1 screen 2 screen 3 screen 4 screen 5 screen 6 screen 7


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