Android Study Jam

It is a To-do app that I made using Kotlin in this app I also used Room Storage so that data can be saved.

Problem Statement:

Over a great period, many issues have been faced by our students traveling by college busses. One of the challenges they face every day is to know the location of the bus.
Technology plays a vital role in day-to-day life activities which in turn made great changes in many work fields and out of them Mobile Application is one of the major developments. Mobile Application can be used effectively for this job as they are widely used and are known for easy access.

Proposed Solution :

This project proposed as “Toedoe” , a To-Do app to keep track of our task and also to preoritise it.


Functionality & Concepts used :

  • The App has a very simple and interactive interface which helps the user to add his/her task with ease and preoritise it. Following are few android concepts used to achieve the functionalities in app :
  • Constraint Layout : Most of the activities in the app uses a flexible constraint layout, which is easy to handle for different screen sizes.
  • Simple & Easy Views Design : Use of familiar audience EditText and interactive buttons made it easier for users to add their task, edit and also delete it when completed.
  • Room Database : Since the device canot access the network still, the user can still browse that content while they are offline.By useing room database made a local storage to store the tasks. even when the app is closed the data is retrived when its open again.

Application Link & Future Scope :

The app is currently in testing phase with MMMUT(Google Developer Students Club,mmmut) University with a limited no. of users, You can access the app : [YOUR APP LINK HERE](G-drive lik).

Once the app is fully tested and functional in MMMUT, we plan to talk to other technical clubs of our college to propose this app idea and collaborate with them on this To-do app.


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