A test app to show weird issue with screen content disappearing

This is just the Android Studio New Project -> Basic Activity tweaked to have a shared element transition between FirstFragment and SecondFragment. It also has isAppearanceLightStatusBar set via the WindowInsetsControllerCompat and also setOnApplyWindowInsetsListener via ViewCompat where it updates the insets based on ime() or navigationBars().

All of these things together on API 28 cause the content of the fragment to vanish, while working find on API 29. If you avoid any one of the things, it also works fine, but shared element transition + isAppearanceLightStatusBar + updating insets always causes the problem. Very odd.

If you use the Layout Inspector, the layout that’s vanished has 0 for width/height:

Layout Inspector screenshot

You trigger the issue in the sample app by returning from the second screen to the first via the Back button, which sets isAppearanceLightStatusBars = true. Then pressing the NEXT button to return to the second screen makes the content vanish.

Here’s an animation of what happens:

Animation of the issue


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