Ktor GraphQL Template

A template to use ktor with GraphQL and MongoDB using mangaka, kaguya and openperm-kt


To configure the library to the desired shape. It is better to configure it in these steps.

Configure Environment

Change the available environment variables at the Environment file.

Configure Plugins

Configure the plugins at the plugins package.

You might skip routing configuration until you configure your routes later on the process.

You might skip session configuration until you configure your session models, user models, role classes and privilege factories.

Configure Models

Configure Runtime/GraphQL/MongoDB models at model package

You might flag permission checks until you configure your permissions.

Configure Enumerations

Configured project enums and data classes at enumeration package

In this step you configure available roles, permissions, permits and privilege factories and other project-wide constants.

Configure Routing

Finally, you might define your REST routes and your GraphQL query, mutation and subscription fields.

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