GraphQL Kotlin Ktor starter project

Ktor is an asynchronous framework for creating microservices, web applications, and more.

Running locally

Build the application by running the following from examples root directory:

# build example
./gradlew ktor-server:build

NOTE: in order to ensure you use the right version of Gradle we highly recommend that you use the provided wrapper scripts

Start the server by running Application.kt directly from your IDE. (Make sure that your Kotlin Compiler jvm target is
1.8 or greater.)
Alternatively, you can start the server using Gradle.

cd /path/to/ktor-graphql-template
./gradlew ktor-server:run

Once the app has started you can:


Based on the Ktor example code at The implementation of the schema and
internals have been heavily modified or totally substituted to provide a more complete template to start a project.

The copyright of the unmodified files and the original work is to be attributed to Expedia, Inc. Full original license
can be found in the vendor/LICENSE file.


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