A study buddy with features such as todos, resources and more!


The purpose of this app is to help teens, especially students, with their studies.

Open source

This is a personal project that I created and is 100% open-source (well, except for cloud-syncing). It also uses the following dependencies (see build.gradlefor all the dependencies):


Download the latest build here.

Older versions can be accessed here.

Current status

Currently, the project is in RC (Release candidate).

To download the latest pre-release, go to Releases.

Web app

If you want to access the web version, please head to The source code for the web app is available here.


Quarter 1 2019

  • [ ] Improve navigation UX
    • [x] Initial navigation UI
    • [ ] Use Architecture components
  • [x] Add working update functionality
  • [x] Revamp/Redesign app (WIP)
    • Note: This todo is currently blocked by a broken todo fragment
  • [ ] Add working chat, tip and calendar
  • [ ] Improve authentication logic
    • [x] Add account management
    • [ ] Improve UX/UI on sign in/sign up screen
    • [ ] Add support for other platforms
  • [ ] Migrate project to Kotlin
  • [ ] Initial privacy policy
  • [ ] Improve on contributing guide
    • [ ] Add testing infrastructure
    • [ ] Improve on code of conduct
  • [ ] Reword/improve readme
    • [ ] Use a linter to lint Markdown files
  • [ ] Release v1.0.0


Login Activity

Login Activity Login > Forgot password Register Activity
sign_in forgot_password register

Main Activity

Main Activity Main Activity > Dialog (Add new task)
home new_task


Settings > Experimental Settings > Notifications (Oreo devices) Settings > Notifications (Pre-Oreo devices)
settings_experimental settings_notifications_oreo settings_notifications_pre_oreo

Building the source code (debug only)

If you would like to build the source code, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the project locally by either clicking the Clone or download > Download ZIP or by running the following commands:

    cd path/to/your/desired-location
    git clone
  2. Run the following in your terminal:


    ./gradlew assembleDebug


    gradlew.bat assembleDebug
  3. The APK should be signed with the debug key and is available at app/build/outputs/apk. See Build a debug APK for more info.