Status Saver App

This is a Status Saver app that allows you to save WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business statuses.

Key Features

Experience a range of powerful features designed to enhance your Status Saver app:

  • WhatsApp Status Saver: Save your favorite WhatsApp statuses effortlessly.
  • WhatsApp Business Status Saver: Seamlessly save statuses from WhatsApp Business.
  • Full Screen Previews: Enjoy immersive previews for both videos and images.
  • Splash Screen: Enhance user experience with an engaging splash screen.
  • Efficient UI Components:
    • Recycler View: Streamline and optimize the display of status items.
    • ViewPager2: Navigate through content seamlessly with this modern swipe-based pager.
    • Fragments: Organize your app into modular and reusable components.
    • TabLayout with ViewPager2: Facilitate intuitive navigation with tabs and swipe gestures.
    • Bottom Navigation: Offer easy access to essential app sections.
    • MVVM Architecture: Adopt a robust architectural pattern for clean separation of concerns.
    • Media Store API Integration: Leverage the Media Store API for efficient media retrieval.
    • Folder Permissions Management: Enable users to easily grant persistable permissions for seamless folder access.
    • And More: Explore additional features and functionalities to elevate the user experience.

Discover a comprehensive toolkit that enables efficient status management and an enriched user journey.


  1. Clone the repository.
  2. Open the project in Android Studio.
  3. Build and run the app on your device.


Light Mode

Splash Images Status Video Status Settings Image Preview Video Preview

Night Mode

Splash Images Status Video Status Settings Image Preview Video Preview


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