Emoji Slider

A custom made SeekBar heavily inspired by this great widget from Instagram.

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? Installation

Add a dependency to your build.gradle:

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.bernaferrari.emojislider:emojislider:0.3'

It is fully stable, but there might be some changes to the API, like improved naming, or some small changes on functions.
This is the reason it is only 0.3 - this only means it is the third public version, but you can use it fine already.

? Features

  • Customize with xml using custom handy attributes.
  • Customize in your activity, fragment or dialog.
  • Creating new widget programmatically.

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❕ Basic Usage

Place the EmojiSlider in your layout.


Important: if you want to have the emoji floating above the slider when it is pressed/dragged, you need to supply a view, preferably on the foreground, to be drawn and tell the slider who the view is.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<FrameLayout xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"

        android:padding="72dp" />

        android:layout_height="match_parent" />

   findViewById<EmojiSlider>(R.layout.slider).sliderParticleSystem = slider_particle_system

❔ Usage

To track the current position of the slider, set the positionListener, as shown below:

val slider = findViewById<EmojiSlider>(R.id.slider)
slider.positionListener = { p -> Log.d("MainActivity", "current position is: $p" )}

You can also track the beginning and completion of the movement of the slider, using the following properties:
startTrackingListener and stopTrackingListener. Examples below:

slider.startTrackingListener = { /* action on slider touched */ }
slider.stopTrackingListener = { /* action on slider released */ }

Here is a random example in Kotlin:

// Kotlin
val slider = findViewById<EmojiSlider>(R.id.slider)
slider.sliderParticleSystem = slider_particle_system
slider.position = 0.25f
slider.averagePosition = 0.75f
slider.allowReselection = true
slider.colorStart = Color.RED
slider.colorEnd = Color.YELLOW

Here is a random example in Java:

// Java
final EmojiSlider slider = findViewById(R.id.slider);
slider.setStartTrackingListener(new Function0<Unit>() {
    public Unit invoke() {
        Log.d("D", "setBeginTrackingListener");
        return Unit.INSTANCE;

slider.setStopTrackingListener(new Function0<Unit>() {
    public Unit invoke() {
        Log.d("D", "setEndTrackingListener");
        return Unit.INSTANCE;

// Or Java 8 lambda
slider.setPositionListener(pos -> {
    Log.d("D", "setPositionListener");
    return Unit.INSTANCE;

Check the sample app for more. The sample app even shows how to use Glide to load a Bitmap into a round drawable.

? Customization and Attributes

All customizable attributes for EmojiSlider:

Attribute Name Default Value Description
app:emoji ? The emoji which will be used on the slider
app:progress 0.25f Initial position for the progress in range from 0.0 to 1.0.
app:average_progress 0.50f Initial position for the average value in range from 0.0 to 1.0.
app:bar_progress_color_start @color/slider_gradient_start Color of the start (left side) of the progress bar.
app:bar_progress_color_end @color/slider_gradient_end Color of the end (right side) of the progress bar
app:bar_track_color @color/slider_track Color of the bar's track.
app:thumb_size_percent_on_pressed 0.9 Thumb size automatically shrinks to 90% (0.9) its original size when a touch is detected. This allows to choose another value between 0.0 and 1.0.
app:allow_reselection false Should the slider behave like the original Emoji Slider or like a SeekBar? When true, it behaves like a SeekBar, so average/profile/result will not be shown.
app:is_touch_disabled false Allow to disable touch input.
app:should_display_tooltip true Allow to disable the tooltip when a value is selected.
app:tooltip_text @string/average_answer The "average answer" text, translated into 40 languages. You can overwrite it using this.
app:tooltip_dismiss_timer 2500 The tooltip auto hide after some period, in milliseconds. Choose -1 to disable this timer.
app:should_display_average true Allow to disable the average circle when a value is selected. If this is disabled, tooltip will not be shown even if it is enabled.
app:should_display_average false Allow to disable the round circle that shows up when a value is selected (usually with user's profile picture).
app:register_touches_outside_thumb true The original Emoji Slider only registers touch inside the thumb. The SeekBar register on the bar, too. This allows to choose which best suits you.
app:particle_direction up Should the floating emoji go up or down after finger leaves the bar?

Of course, some attributes might have better names than others and documentation might not be perfect. If you find anything wrong or weird, let me know.

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