This is a simpler Sofascore app for Android devices, created as part of the SofaScore Android Development Academy. It allows users to explore sports matches, view team details, tournament standings, and player information. It integrates with the Sofascore Demo API to fetch data for football, basketball and American football matches.


The app includes the following features:

  • Sports Matches: Users can view upcoming and past matches for football, basketball, and American football for the next 30 days before and after current date.
  • Team Details: Users can explore team information, including their name, logo, country, and current players.
  • Tournament Standings: Users can check tournament standings for various leagues and competitions.
  • Player Details: Users can access detailed information about players, including their name, position, nationality, and statistics.

Technologies Used

This app was built using the following technologies:

  • Retrofit for making API requests
  • Coil for loading and caching images
  • Android Architecture Components (MVVM) for managing data
  • Material Design components for UI design


The app provides several customizable options for the user:

  • Theme: Users can switch between light and dark themes according to their preference.
  • Date Format: Users can select their preferred date format.
  • Language: Users can choose between Croatian, English, and German as their preferred language.

These preferences can be modified in the app’s settings menu.



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