Mockp-interceptor is a library to simplify Android development requests that uses Retrofit and OkHttp. This library will mock requests using a json file format in assets folder.

Basically you need to put a simple annotation in Retrofit Service with file path, status code (optional, default is 200) and run delay (optional, default is false).

Getting started

Mockp-Interceptor is distributed through jitpack. You need to add dependency in build.gradle file and pay attention in two libraries variants:

  • library: used in development mode, will mock requests.
  • library-no-op: used in release mode, will not mock requests, is just a fake interceptor that repass the requests forward.

dependencies {
    releaseImplementation 'com.github.brunogabriel.mockp-interceptor:library:0.0.1'
    debugImplementation 'com.github.brunogabriel.mockp-interceptor:library:0.0.1'

Do not forget to add jitpack configuration too:

allprojects {
    repositories {
		maven { url '' }

Thank you Chucker and Chuck. I learnt this approach to no-op interceptors long time ago by using both libraries.


It is easy to configure Mockp, just pass context in Builder pattern and optional value if you need to simulate delay. Default delay is between 0 and 1000 milliseconds.

// Create interceptor
val mockpInterceptor = MockPInterceptor
    .addDelayInMillis(5_000L, 10_000L)

// Plug in OkHttpClient
val client = OkHttpClient

How to use it in development

Create assets folder and pass a json file path, for example, response.json, then:

@MOCK(asset = "response.json", runDelay = true)
suspend fun getProducts(): List<Product>


Mockp-Interceptor uses the following open source libraries:

  • OkHttp – Copyright Square, Inc.
  • Retrofit – Copyright Square, Inc.




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