REKT – (RE)dis (K)o(T)lin

rekt is a lightweight, non-bloated redis client, primarily written for the kotlin programming language, while also supporting
other JVM-based languages, such as Java, Scala, and obviously way more.

Why use REKT

  • You probably should not if you’re working on a production server, REKT is still unstable and in heavy development, however we do have some benefits over other libraries:
    • Lightweight, not-bloated
      • REKT does what it has to do – handle redis messaging, nothing else.
    • Despite being lightweight, it still has an easy-to-use API, primarily focusing on making the life of kotlin developers easier.
    • It’s less than 1000 lines of code (including README)! Whereas, for example jedis has 92000 lines of code, and lettuce-core has a whopping 215000 lines of code!




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