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To use Reia, you need to have a Reia instance which can be created by using the method:

val reia =, {
    it.callbackPrefix = "Recommended-To-Change-This"

// producers add here.

reia.listen() // only use this once you have attached all the producers.


You can then create a producer by creating a new class that implements the ReiaProducer class:

object HelloWorldProducer: ReiaProducer {

    fun onMessage(channel: String, message: ReiaMessage): ReiaGeneralMessage? {
        if (message.json()!!.optString("node") != null && message.json()!!.getString("node") === 0) {
            return ReiaPublisherMessage("Hello World", message.callback())
        return null

And once the class is created, you can then attach it to your Reia instance by using the producer(channel: String, listener: ReiaProducer) method:

reia.producer("", HelloWorldProducer)

? Reia appends .requests and .consumer to channels depending on what event is being done. For requests to producers, Reia will listen and propogate to producers any messages received on .requests and for responses, Reia will listen and propogate to their specified callbacks any messages received on .consumer that matches the callback.

In this example, Reia will propogate any messages received on onto our HelloWorldProducer and will send any responses to the channel.


You can make a simple request with Reia by using the send methods of Reia which expects the following:

  • ReiaGeneralMessage: The message to send to the channel.
  • Duration: The time to live of the message, this is by default 1-minute. It’s recommeneded to go by 10 second increments since the cleaner cleans at a fixed rate of every ten seconds.
  • Channel: The channel to send the message towards, this is auto-appended with .requests

A sample of sending a simple hello world request to our HelloWorldProducer would be:

reia.send("", ReiaGeneralMessage(JSONObject().put("node", 0))).thenAccept {
Hello World


You can install Reia from Jitpack with the following installation methods for Maven and Gradle:

allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven { url '' }

dependencies {
    implementation 'pw.mihou:Reia:Tag'




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