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A simple library for displaying logs on screen

A simple library for displaying logs on screen


A simple to use logging library for when you want to display logs on screen (instead of in logcat).



  • Provides a ready-to-use RecyclerView.Adapter that you can use right away in a RecyclerView of your choice.
  • Display log snippet in notification
  • Clicking notification will display logs in activity.
  • Has support for Timber


Add a new dependency in your build.gradle file

dependencies {
    implementation 'app.eccweizhi:onscreenlog:0.0.11'

Timber module

Additionally, on-screen-log includes a module for using it with Timber.

dependencies {
    // no need to add onscreenlog if you are already adding onscreenlog-timber
    implementation 'app.eccweizhi:onscreenlog-timber:0.0.11'


Initialize an instance of OnScreenLog to be reused throughout the app.

OnScreenLog onScreenLog = OnScreenLog.builder()
        .context(this)        // compulsory. You can use any Context (Application, Activity etc)
        .notificationId(1)    // compulsory. Provides a notification id for notification
        .capacity(500)        // optional. Max number of log messages. Earliest logged message will be dropped.
        .outputToLogcat(true) // optional. If true, display log messages in logcat

Log messages

To log messages, use OnScreenLog the same way as Android Log class.

OnScreenLog onScreenLog;

onScreenLog.v("tag", "this is a verbose log");
onScreenLog.d("tag", "this is a debug log");
onScreenLog.i("tag", "this is a info log");
onScreenLog.w("tag", "this is a warn log");
onScreenLog.e("tag", "this is a error log");
onScreenLog.wtf("tag", "this is a wtf log");


OnScreenLog provides an adapter that you can simply used to ouput log messages to any RecyclerView.

OnScreenLog onScreenLog;
RecyclerView recyclerView = findViewById(R.id.myRecyclerView);


OnScreenLog will display logs as notification automagically. Just tap on the notification to view logs.

Timber support (see Installing Timber module)

Create an OnScreenLoggingTree and plant it.

OnScreenLog onScreenLog;

OnScreenLoggingTree tree = new OnScreenLoggingTree(onScreenLog);

You can now log messages using Timber.

Timber.v("this is a verbose log");
Timber.d("this is a debug log");
Timber.i("this is a info log");
Timber.w("this is a warn log");
Timber.e("this is a error log");
Timber.wtf("this is a wtf log");