An ultra-light change-friendly dsl for generating html output.


  • The usual benefit of a dsl: reads and scans easily.
  • Easy factoring and composition, by method or class extraction.
  • Basic tag model that is easily extended.
  • No implementation inheritance.
  • No external dependencies.


  • No maven dependency yet, you’ll have to build it.
  • Very incomplete, though still easy to add to.
  • Does not yet support the css model I want to use.

Sample Code

val page = {
    head {
        title("My Cool Page")
        meta {
            attributes["charset"] = "utf-8"
        link("/gph.css", "stylesheet")
    body {
        // extracted fragment to a new custom class

        // extracted fragment to a new method

        // raw direct text
        +"This is raw output."

        // safe direct text
        -"This is urlencoded output."

        // basic tags already present
        div("blog-text") {
            +ArticleColumn(metaData, text)


This dsl is in use as of 2023-01-25, but there is still a lot to do:

  • More tests.
  • Maven repository.
  • Pretty-printing on output.
  • A CSS and Styles model.

More Info

Please check the project’s wiki for more thorough documentation.


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