Road Trip Tracker

Road Trip Tracker is a simple Android application for tracking and logging road trips and travel routes.

The application was originally written while learning the Kotlin programming language for Android. I have decided to do a complete re-write using modern Android development techniques, components and architecture and since it's that time of the year again, why not do it as my Level1Techs #Devember2k19 project?

The finished application will use/demonstrate the MVVM architecture and the following components/libraries: -

  • [X] Android Room Database
  • [X] Android Architecture Components
  • [X] Android View Models
  • [X] Navigation Library
  • [X] View Binding
  • [X] LiveData
  • [X] Paging Library
  • [X] Lifecycle Components
  • [X] Google Location Services
  • [X] Google Maps


The UI and design work is still on going but this is how it looks so far.

History and Favourites


Application Theme