Fast Shopping

Fast Shopping is a mobile application developed with simplicity in mind. It allows you on having a simple set of shopping lists, that you can easily manage. It contains no ads. Targetted to everyone who wants a simple app to get the job done. Not limited to tech-savy users.


This application was made to resolve a certain problem in a certain way.

There are many people that don't want to use a voice assistant and find other apps available on the market too overwhelming, too complex, bloated with features, bloated with ads or simply overengineered for their simple problem. In the past, you would get yourself a piece of paper and a pen and write down the stuff you need to buy, so you can read it while being in the market. Fast Shopping is an application that does exactly that and only that. Reducing number of taps to a minimum and offering a very readable interface.


Note: Use Flutter stable channel.

git clone [email protected]:Albert221/FastShopping.git && cd FastShopping
flutter pub get
flutter run --flavor foss # or just launch from VS Code

After you've edited your [freezed][] models:

# You may also use `watch` instead of `build`
flutter pub run build_runner build --delete-conflicting outputs