Jetpack Compose Samples

Jetpack Compose Samples

This repository contains a set of individual Android Studio projects to help you learn about Compose in Android. Each sample demonstrates different use cases, complexity levels and APIs.

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? Requirements

To try out these sample apps, you need to use Android Studio Arctic Fox. You can clone this repository or import the project from Android Studio following the steps here.

? Samples


A sample blog post viewer that demonstrates the use of Compose with a typical Material app and real-world architecture.

• Medium complexity• Varied UI• Light & dark themes• Resource loading• UI Testing

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Jetnews sample demo

A sample chat app that focuses on UI state patterns and text input.

• Low complexity• Material Design 3 theme and Material You dynamic color• Resource loading• Back button handling• Integration with Architecture Components: Navigation, Fragments, LiveData, ViewModel• Animation• UI Testing

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Jetchat sample demo

A sample survey app that showcases text input, validation and UI state management in Compose.

• Low complexity• TextField and form validation• Snackbar implementation• Element reusability and styling• Various form elements

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Jetsurvey sample demo

Jetsnack is a sample snack ordering app built with Compose.

• Medium complexity• Custom design system• Custom layouts• Animation

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Jetsnack sample demo

A sample podcast app that features a full-featured, Redux-style architecture and showcases dynamic themes.

• Advanced sample• Dynamic theming using podcast artwork• Image fetching• WindowInsets support• Coroutines• Local storage with Room

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Jetcaster sample demo

A Compose implementation of the Rally Material study, a financial app that focuses on data, charts, reusability and animations.

• Low complexity• Material theming with a dark-only theme• Custom layouts and reusable elements• Charts and tables• Animations• Screenshot tests

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Rally sample demo

A Compose implementation of the Crane Material study, a travel app that uses Material Design components and Material Theming to create a personalized, on-brand experience.

• Medium complexity• Draggable UI elements• Android Views inside Compose• UI state handling• UI Tests

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Crane sample demo

A Compose implementation of the Owl Material study. The Owl brand uses bold color, shape, and typography to express its brand attributes: energy, daring, and fun.

• Medium complexity• Material theming & light/dark themes• Custom layout• Animation

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Owl sample demo

? Additional samples

Material Catalog

A catalog of Material Design components and features available in Jetpack Compose. See how to implement them and how they look and behave on real devices.

• Lives in AOSP—always up to date• Uses the same samples as API reference docs• Theme picker to change Material Theming values at runtime• Links to guidelines, docs, source code, and issue tracker

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Material Catalog sample demo

A gardening app illustrating Android development best practices with Android Jetpack. The compose branch is partially built with Jetpack Compose.

• Compose working in an existing app: including integration with strings, resources, and themes and styles• Integration with an existing architecture based on Jetpack libraries• CollapsingToolbarLayout behavior implemented manually with Compose• Showing Snackbars with Compose

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Sunflower sample demo

A work-in-progress TV show tracking Android app, which connects to

• Entirely written in Kotlin and uses Kotlin Coroutines throughout• Uses many of the Architecture Components: Room, Lifecycle, Navigation• Uses Hilt for dependency injection

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Tivi sample demo


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