No Bullshit - Perfect jobs only

A sample project entirely written in Kotlin. Backend/Frontend with Ktor and Android app.

No Bullshit is an open source project that wants to help developers find the perfect job. An expert developer reviews each job submitted through the platform. We publish only the best... sunglasses

This project is intented to show how to create a full project using Kotlin. Therefore, you'll find two main modules :

  • backend : Contains the Ktor backend configured to run on Google App Engine. It also uses Freemarker for Java/html template. Data are persisted in Firestore.
  • android : Contains the Android app written with Kotlin. It also uses FirebaseUI, Koin & Mockk.

Running samples

The backend sample can be run locally (http://localhost:8080/) using the following script :


If you want to deploy it to your own GAE project, you can use the following script :


Running tests

If you want to run the unit tests for the backend :

./gradlew :backend:test

If you want to run the instrumented tests for the android app :

./gradlew :android:connectedAndroidTest