Jetchat sample

Jetchat is a sample chat app built with Jetpack Compose.

To try out this sample app, you need to use
Android Studio Arctic Fox
You can clone this repository or import the
project from Android Studio following the steps

This sample showcases:

  • UI state management
  • Integration with Architecture Components: Navigation, Fragments, ViewModel
  • Back button handling
  • Text Input and focus management
  • Multiple types of animations and transitions
  • Saved state across configuration changes
  • Material Design 3 theming and Material You dynamic color
  • UI tests

Status: 🚧 In progress

Jetchat is still in under development, and some features are not yet implemented.


UI State management

The ConversationContent composable is the entry point to this screen and takes a ConversationUiState that defines the data to be displayed. This doesn’t mean all the state is served from a single point: composables can have their own state too. For an example, see scrollState in ConversationContent or currentInputSelector in UserInput

Architecture Components

The ProfileFragment shows how to pass data between fragments with the Navigation component and observe state from a
ViewModel, served via LiveData.

Back button handling

When the Emoji selector is shown, pressing back in the app closes it, intercepting any navigation events. This feature shows a way to integrate Compose and APIs from the Android Framework like OnBackPressedDispatcherOwner via Ambients. The implementation can be found in ConversationUiState.

Text Input and focus management

When the Emoji panel is shown the keyboard must be hidden and vice versa. This is achieved with a combination of the FocusRequester and onFocusChanged APIs.

Multiple types of animations and transitions

This sample uses animations ranging from simple AnimatedVisibility in FunctionalityNotAvailablePanel to choreographed transitions found in the FloatingActionButton of the Profile screen and implemented in AnimatingFabContent

Edge-to-edge UI with synchronized IME transitions

This sample is laid out edge-to-edge, drawing its content behind the system bars for a more immersive look.

The sample also supports synchronized IME transitions when running on API 30+ devices. See the use of Modifier.navigationBarsWithImePadding() in ConversationContent.

The sample uses the
Accompanist Insets library for WindowInsets support.

Saved state across configuration changes

Some composable state survives activity or process recreation, like currentInputSelector in UserInput.

Material Design 3 theming and Material You dynamic color

Jetchat follows the Material Design 3 principles and uses the MaterialTheme composable and M3 components. On Android 12+ Jetchat supports Material You dynamic color, which extracts a custom color scheme from the device wallpaper. Jetchat uses a custom, branded color scheme as a fallback. It also implements custom typography using the Karla and Montserrat font families.

UI tests

In androidTest you’ll find a suite of UI tests that showcase interesting patterns in Compose:


UI tests for the Conversation screen. Includes a test that checks the behavior of the app when dark mode changes.


Shows how to write tests that assert directly on the Navigation Controller.


Checks that the user input composable, including extended controls, behave as expected showing and hiding the keyboard.

Known issues

  1. If the emoji selector is shown, clicking on the TextField can sometimes show both input methods.
    Tracked in

  2. There are only two profiles, clicking on anybody except “me” will show the same data.


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