Youtube UI/UX Animation

This is a sample app demonstrating Youtube UX/UI animation using ConstraintLayout.It implements the Keyframe Animation feature in ConstrainLayout.This sample app is built on Android Architecture Components


  • Smooth Draggable Animation
  • Customizable Video Player
  • Dependency Injection (Dagger 2)
  • MVVM Architecture pattern using Android Architecture Components

How does it looks

This video demonstarte the app animation.

The Concept - Animation

Below image shows how the layout has been desgin using guidelines and all the Fragments are constraints to this guidelines. When user drag the video fragment we starts scaling up/down the guideline values which scale the fragments automatically that's the advantage of using constraint layout with guidelines


Fragment FrameLayout Usage
HomeFragment , TradeFragment , LibraryFragment and UserActivityFragment frmHomeContainer This layout hold Fragments added from BottomNavigation bar
VideoPlayerFragment frmVideoContainer This will have the video player
VideoDetailsFragment frmDetailsContainer Contains Video Details Layout Desgin
BaseBottomNavigationView bottomNavigation Bottom Navigation bar


The app uses ViewModel to abstract the data from UI and MovieRepository as single source of truth for data. MovieRepository first fetch the data from database if exist than display data to the user and at the same time it also fetches data from the webservice and update the result in database and reflect the changes to UI from database.