Weapose – Weather ❤️ Compose

This is an example for show current weather from any location. The Weapose is builted by Android Jetpack Compose, MVVM, Clean Architecture, etc.

?‍♀️ Firstly

This app is inspired by:

I want to say thanks for those people to help me to make this app.

? How to build app

  • Using android 13 and above to build app.

  • Using the newest version of Android Studio Canary.

  • You must add BASE_URL, API_KEY and MAPS_API_KEY inside local.properties to build and run Weapose app, like the code below:

    API_KEY=API_KEY // Fill your open weather api key in here
    MAPS_API_KEY= GOOGLE_MAPS_API_KEY // Fill your google maps api key in here

? Screenshots

Light mode Dark mode
Home Light Home Dark
Search By Map Light Search By Map Dark

? Features

  • Show the current weather by location.
  • Choice the location you want by using Google Map.
  • Support dark mode.
  • Support dynamic material from Android 13 and above.
  • Support English and Vietnamese.
  • Upcomming ….

? Module

Weapose is built according to the Clean Architecture model combined with the MVVM design pattern. To learn more, refer to the links below.

  • Guild to app architecture by Google Android.
  • Clean architectur by Uncle Bob.

? Data flow

Weapose is supported by Flow and suspend for data stream flow in app.

Data flow

❌ Error flow

In data module, when data is returned error, I will transform the error to ResponseException. And then in domain and presentation, I transform the error from ResponseException to WeatherException to show the error to UI.

Error flow

? Notes

If you have any issues with the project, don’t hesitate to create an issue. Also I’m glad you can contribute to my project.

Let’s develop together to create quality and beautiful Android Jetpack Compose applications!

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