Kotlin-RestAssured Test Automation

This is a sample API project for Rest Assured with Maven Kotlin DSL & JUnit 5


All the Test Cases kept in this repository. Developers can select the test cases which they need to execute during
their build Pipeline(by adding a tag, eg: pipeLine1).


This requires Java JDK v11 and Maven.

Open the Project

You can open the project by any IDE (Select pom.xml file when opening the project)

In this project you can find two branches:

  • master – Contain up-to-date code
  • develop – In progress development of the Test cases

Set up the Project

You can set your project configurations in config.yml. Please make sure you DO NOT commit sensitive information in this file.
You can pass those data via your CI/CD tools during the execution.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment with Jenkins

Here I have used Jenkins as my CI/CD tool. You can edit Jenkinsfile based on your requirement.
How to create Jenkinsfile.

Running Test Suites

  • Regression tests (excluding wip tests) – mvn clean test -Pprofile=regressionTest
  • Developer PipeLine tests (excluding wip tests) – mvn clean test -Pprofile=pipeLine1_Test
  • All test cases – mvn clean install test

Default test suite will be regressionTest.

Adding custom test tasks

Custom test suits can be added in pom.xml.

Current test suits are as follows.

  • General Regression Test Task (excluding wip tests) – regressionTest
  • Developer PipeLine Test Task (excluding wip tests) – pipeLine1_Test

Create Pull Request

When you crete a PR from the GitHub, you need to mark a checklist which related to your merge.


Adding code owners

You can add code owners username to the /.github/CODEOWNERS file. So they will automatically get an email
for any pull requests.

References for learn Kotlin


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