Gitlab Auto-Create And Assign MergeRequests

This Kotlin Script can be used in GitLab CI to create merge requests automatically and assign them to a developer for review based on a strategy(Currently it is using Queue). For creating the merge requests it use the basic ideas from this repo.



First, you should create a Gitlab private access token and set it to a variable with the name CI_ACCESS_TOKEN. This is necessary for being able to open merge requests from CI.

2) Get and Set reviewers ID

You can retrieve the ID of project members with this call:

curl --header "PRIVATE-TOKEN: <your_access_token>" "https://<your_giltab_host>/api/v4/projects/<your_project_id>/members/all"

Notice that you should replace <your_access_token>, <your_giltab_host> and <your_project_id> with the correspond values. After retrieving this list, You should create your reviewers Queue. You just need to set the IDs which can review the Merge Requests in variable reviewerIDs:

val reviewerIDs = mutableListOf<String>("id1","id2")

Finally for this step you must set the first ID which should review to a variable named CURRENT_REVIEWER_USER_ID in Gitlab, This is necessary for assign the first merge requests, After doing this the script will handle the next reviewers itself.

3) Add your own labels for Merge Requests

You can add your own label for merge requests in method getProperLabels, Please make sure that you created that labels in Gitlab before. There is a default label named Developer Review in the script.

4) Prepare .gitlab-ci.yml

First you need to install the requirements for this script, It needs sdkman and kscript to run. For doing this you can add these lines to the before_script section:

  - curl -s "" | bash     # install sdkman
  - source "$HOME/.sdkman/bin/"  # add sdkman to PATH
  - sdk install kotlin                        # install Kotlin
  - sdk install kscript                       # install Kscript 

You should add a stage to your CI for opening merge requests, For example you can create a stage named openMergeRequest like this:

  - openMergeRequest
  - otherStage1
  - otherStage2

After doing this you should call this script in that stage, For example:

  - openMergeRequest
  - otherStage1
  - otherStage2

Open Merge Request:
  stage: openMergeRequest
    - kscript GitlabAutoMRandAssign.kts # The name of the script


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.




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