Android Clean Architecture - Kotlin

This is an Android Clean Architecture base project using 100% Kotlin including Unit tests!

You could use it as the base project when you create a new Android project. This architecture optimized the Clean Architecture and MVP for the Android Kotlin project. When using this architecture, you could isolate the UI, business logic and data sources, and also making the unit test easier. It uses latest and most popular technologies e.g. Dagger2, RxJava etc.



  • Makes your new project clean
  • Isolates UI, business logic and data sources' responsibilities
  • Testable
  • Avoids multi-threading problems

Approach of Clean Architecture for Android

There are 3 layers in the project: Data, Domain and Presentation(UI), and the UI layer contains view and presenters.


Base UseCase class handles the thread of Rx chains, it puts whole chain on IO thread, and then changes back to Android main thread(UI thread) for the steps after use case execution. That means when you write the project based on this project, then you don't have to worry about any multi-threading issue.

Requirements & configurations


  • JDK 8
  • Android SDK API 26
  • Kotlin Gradle plugin 1.2.30 (it will be installed automatically when this project is synced)


  • minSdkVersion=21
  • targetSdkVersion=26