Unscramble App

Starter code for Android Basics codelab – Store the data in a ViewModel

Unscramble is a single player game app that displays scrambled words. To play the game, player has to make a word using all the letters from the displayed scrambled word.

Used in the [Android Basics with Kotlin](https://developer.android .com/courses/android-basics-kotlin/course) course.


You need to know:

  • Knowledge about Fragments.
  • How to design a layout in ConstraintLayout.
  • Able to write control flow statements (if / else, when statements).
  • Able to update the UI of the app based on user input.
  • Able to add a click listener to a Button.

Getting Started

  1. Download and run the app.


Copyright (C) 2020 The Android Open Source Project.

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