Note It – A note-taking app

An app that helps you to take notes and password-protect them with beautiful colors and an easy interface.

This app is built with Jetpack Compose, Room, Navigation Components, Kotlin Coroutines, and Hilt, following the recommended Android Architecture Guidelines.

The aim of this project is to be open source, so that everyone can directly contribute, add comments, and suggest improvements if they wish.

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  • Create password-protected notes with a 4-digit passcode

  • Categorize your notes based on different colors

  • Interactive user interface

  • Pin your important notes at the top of the notes list

  • Access your notes even if you don’t have an internet connection

  • Search your notes




If you’ve found an error in the project, please file an issue.

You are welcome to submit patches by forking this project and making a pull request. For new features, use discussion section.


Note It App is distributed under the terms of the MIT License. See the license for more information.


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