Tambourine Music Player

A music player for your local music library.

THIS IS A PRE-RELEASE, the project is still in development.

Main screen


  • Linux first
  • Local only: no internet connection will ever be established.
  • Read only: your music will be accessed only in read mode.
  • Stateless: no cache/database/whatever will be created. The metadata in your songs are the database.
  • Imperfect: there will be use-cases that are not solved by this software, and that’s fine.


Browse your music collection; play a song; that’s it really.


s1 s2 s3 s4 s5 s5


Blockers for V1:

  • Use Flatpak file portal
  • Dynamically reload library if files change

Other non-blocking features:

  • Metadata
    • Disk n°
    • Lyrics
  • Translations
  • Persist filter/sort
  • Keep scrolling position when removing filters
  • Drag&drop and open files to open them
  • Skip “zeros” at the beginning of the song
  • Drag & drop in queue UI
  • Spectrometer
  • Background API?
  • Reduce .jar size


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