Search Movie Demo App

A demo kotlin application that implemented with Clean Architecture + MVVM

You can search your movie title in the search box and see the result

Screen records

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Tools and Language

  • Kotlin main language
  • Coroutines For handling Asynchronouse and Multitreading.
  • Dagger-Hilt For enable dependency injection of certain classes from the androidx libraries.
  • Jetpack Navigation For navigate between screens.
  • Jetpack Databinding For bind UI components in layouts to data sources in app using a declarative format.
  • Jetpack Lifecycle For build lifecycle-aware components that can adjust behavior based on the current lifecycle state of an activity or fragment.
  • Retrofit For retrieve, update and delete the data from web services.
  • OKHTTP For handling, sending and receive HTTP-based network requests.
  • Glide For loading images
  • JUnit For local test
  • arch.core Helper for other arch dependencies, including JUnit test rules that can be used with LiveData.
  • kotlinx-coroutines-test For testing coroutines
  • hilt-android-testing For testing Hilt dependency injection


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