A more complete version of android stepsView library.


setting up stepviews we use chain methods such as example above. And here is more.

setLabels(String[] labels)

set labels

setBarColorIndicator(int ResId)

set bar color

setProgressColorIndicator(int ResId)

set progress color

setLabelColorIndicator(int ResId)

set label color

setCompletePosition(int pos)

set complete step position

setLabelTextSize(float size)

set label size

setProgressStrokeWidth(float width)

set the stroke width in between step progress.

setProgressMargins(float margin)

set margins of the view

setCircleRadius(float radius)

set the steps' radius.

setProgressTextColor(int textColor)

set text color in the step.

hideProgressText(boolean hide)

hide the text in the progress.


the original version is with many improvements.

  • more concise text position and progress bar position
  • make labels align to center
  • add number in progress
  • add more customize options
  • support syntax in xml layout