Ping – Pong

A minimal CorDapp to test node’s Corda Network connectivity. This CorDapp defines a PingState which records ping from a pinger and ponger from a ponger. The state must be Pinged first, which then can be Ponged. The Pong transaction requires the notary signature.

NOTE: The full testing requires two nodes having this CorDapp installed.

Quick Start

Say there are two parties on the network (and some notary service).

Ping from PartyA to PartyB:

# In PartyA shell
flow start Ping ping: "Hello PartyB", to: PartyA

The flow returns an identifier of the bootstrapped PingState, for example 43251254-66c4-45ee-9e0f-360a8f7df078.

Pong from PartyB to PartyA

# In PartyB shell
flow start Pong pong: "Hi! How are u doing, PartyA?", uuid: 43251254-66c4-45ee-9e0f-360a8f7df078

If both flow succeeded, the network connectivity should be good.

CorDapp Signing

This CorDapp configured gradle for signing CorDapp jars for production deployment. To sign, configure to point gradle to the correct configuration. The gradlew jar command will automatically sign the contract jar. To verify, run:

jarsigner -verify -verbose -keystore <path-to-keystore> contracts/build/libs/contracts-0.1.jar


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