A fork of Mirai

Made for the server SuCraft:



  • Fork of Mirai for the best performance, notably:
    • Fork of Pufferfish for the best performance.
    • Contains Lithium patches which respect Vanilla parity.
    • (WIP) Implements C2ME to improve chunk generation speed, I/O and loading.
    • Async Pathfinding and Multithreaded Entity Tracker from Petal which drastically reduce entity load.
    • Reduced bandwidth consumption and CPU usage from avoiding sending useless packets in certain situations.
    • Bugfixes for several Minecraft issues.
    • Faster process for Vanilla methods.
  • Patches from EmpireCraft improving performance, gameplay and fixing inconsistencies.
  • Strongholds can spawn above ground, are bigger and are more challenging with webs, holes and water.
  • Adds permissions to see plugins in /plugins.
  • Configuration for disabling ‘Moved too quickly’ and ‘Moved wrongly’.
  • Small important packets are sent without delay.
  • Configuration for kicking players on timeout.
  • Prevents staggered terrain after data corruption.
  • Further reach distance is accepted from players to prevent block placements failing due to lag.
  • Debug stick can be used in survival mode for a limited number of block properties.
  • Configurable gameplay difficulty changes:
    • Zombies can call for reinforcements on all difficulties.
    • All raids are hard (so they contain evokers).
    • Cave spiders can have poison on easy difficulty.
    • Wither skulls can give the wither effect on easy difficulty.
    • Prevent lightning from spawning fire.
    • Set the minimum health left after starving.
    • Spiders can spawn with potion effects on all difficulties.
  • Banners and other items/blocks can be placed directly into the head slot.
  • Configurable ratio of skipped active entity ticks (Paper uses 1/4 by default).


You can clone this repository and build it yourself. If you are interested in making a fork, check out this template there!

In order to distribute and use this server software, you need a paperclip file:

./gradlew applyPatches && ./gradlew createReobfPaperclipJar


Patches are licensed under GPL-3.0. All other files are licensed under MIT.

Made with on Earth.


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