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A fork of Mirai

Made for the server SuCraft:



  • Fork of Mirai for the best performance, notably:
    • Fork of Pufferfish for the best performance.
    • Contains Lithium patches which respect Vanilla parity.
    • (WIP) Implements C2ME to improve chunk generation speed, I/O and loading.
    • Async Pathfinding and Multithreaded Entity Tracker from Petal which drastically reduce entity load.
    • Reduced bandwidth consumption and CPU usage from avoiding sending useless packets in certain situations.
    • Bugfixes for several Minecraft issues.
    • Faster process for Vanilla methods.
  • Patches from EmpireCraft improving performance, gameplay and fixing inconsistencies.
  • Configurable Strongholds can spawn above ground, are bigger and are more challenging with webs, holes and water.
  • Configurable Adds permissions to see plugins in /plugins.
  • Configurable Disable Moved too quickly and Moved wrongly.
  • Small important packets are sent without delay.
  • Configurable Don’t kick players for timing out.
  • Prevents staggered terrain after data corruption.
  • Further reach distance is accepted from players to prevent block placements failing due to lag.
  • Debug stick can be used in survival mode (with a permission) for a limited number of block properties, such as changing the visual lit state of a furnace or the rotation of logs or stairs.
  • Configurable Gameplay difficulty changes:
    • Zombies can call for reinforcements on all difficulties.
    • All raids are hard (so they contain evokers).
    • Cave spiders can have poison on easy difficulty.
    • Wither skulls can give the wither effect on easy difficulty.
    • Prevent lightning from spawning fire.
    • Set the minimum health left after starving.
    • Spiders can spawn with potion effects on all difficulties.
  • Banners and other items/blocks can be placed directly into the head slot.
  • Configurable Skip a custom proportion of active entity ticks (Paper uses 1/4 by default).
  • Configurable Entities are immune from beig made inactive for a time after certain actions (like a fox targeting a rabbit, or a tamed dog while it is not sitting).
  • Configurable Entities are woken up from inactivity with some variance instead of many at the same time
  • Enchantment compatibilities:
    • Looting on a Bow, Crossbow and Trident
    • Protection and Thorns on an Elytra
  • Signed chat is removed (all messages are system chat and there is no [NOT SECURE] marker in the console)
  • Configurable Bone meal can be used on stripped logs to grow back their bark
  • Configurable Set a custom TPS catch-up time (to temporarily perform ticks faster than 20 TPS after TPS goes below 20)
  • Prevent duplicate block and chunk updates sent over time, preventing FPS loss on the client when there are many recurring block updates such as from moving lights or pistons.
  • Configurable Interweave chunk and non-chunk packets based on network conditions, so that heavy world loading under a constrained network does not impact smooth movement and combat.
  • Configurable Separate view distance for tracked chunks and non-tracked chunks, allowing a view distance of 32 with very low CPU usage.
  • Configurable Limit the chunks loaded and ticked by the server based on the client view distance.
  • Configurable Fairly adapt the maximum view distances of all players automatically based on each player’s client view distance and the configured total number of chunks the server can handle.


You can clone this repository and build it yourself. If you are interested in making a fork, check out this template there!

In order to distribute and use this server software, you need a paperclip file:

./gradlew applyPatches && ./gradlew createReobfPaperclipJar


Patches are licensed under GPL-3.0. All other files are licensed under MIT.

Made with on Earth.


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