Kotlin Logo screensaver for macOS

Screensaver GIF


Configure parameters

Configure parameters by editing the values at the top of Main.kt:

  • LOGO_AREA: logo size in square pixels
    • 25 * 25500 * 500
  • LOGO_COUNT: the number of logos to display
    • 11000
  • SPEED: logo speed in pixels / frame
    • 1.05.0

Build the project

cd KotlinLogos
xcodebuild -scheme KotlinLogos build

Install the screensaver:

  1. Locate the output file:

    • Open KotlinLogos in XCode, Product -> Show Build Folder in Finder, browse to Products/Debug/KotlinLogos.saver.
    • Full path should be ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/KotlinLogos-[...]/Build/Products/Debug/KotlinLogos.saver.
  2. Install the screensaver by either

    • Opening it to install it in System Settings OR
    • Manually copying it to ~/Library/Screen Savers/


  • Move parameters to a proper ScreenSaver config
  • Optimize PNG sizes, consider using vector images
  • Create proper release builds
  • Support other platforms?


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