Not affiliated with Youtube or Google in any way.

Lightweight Youtube video-aggregation/playlist app for Android. Standalone, not integrated with Youtube. Works by entering a video ID. Can edit your own data you want to store about videos. Also supports actually watching the videos!

To use

First, take the ID of a video you want to store in your library.

Shows a form for adding a Youtube video to your personal library, using a video ID, and a user-set title and uploader name. There is a blank screen in place of a Youtube video.

Then, if you exit out of the form, you will see the video name and creator’s name that you set for the video in your recycler view.

Shows a mostly-empty list, with a single entry at the top displaying "Java & Spring Boot Tutorial" and "FreeCodeCamp".

Then if you select your new entry, you’ll see the data that you set, and be able to watch the video from there.

Shows the same form as before, but this time there is a working, loading video in place of the previously blank screen.


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