SunriseSunsetView is a lightweight Android view used for displaying and/or editing sunrise and sunset times. This is a part of my efforts to modularize some of the things that I write; it was originally a part of Alarmio, and has been separated into its own library.

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This project is published on JitPack, which you can add to your project by copying the following to your root build.gradle at the end of "repositories".

allprojects {
  repositories {
    maven { url '' }

To add the dependency, copy this line into your app module's build.gradle file.

implementation 'me.jfenn:SunriseSunsetView:0.0.1'

Basic Use

Adding the SlideActionView somewhere in your layout is fairly simple. Here is an example:

  android:layout_height="240dp" />

Note the layout_height="240dp". The view does not have a minimum size, and will scale according to its width and height inside of the layout that it is placed in, so you must define a width and height for it to use.

You can specify an interface to recieve updates from the view by calling .setListener(SunriseListener)...

sunView.setListener(new SunriseSunsetView.SunriseListener() {
  public void onSunriseChanged(SunriseSunsetView view, long sunriseMillis) {
    // do something
  public void onSunsetChanged(SunriseSunsetView view, long sunsetMillis) {
    // do something else

The sunrise and sunset times are passed as milliseconds ranging from 0 to "24 hours", or 86400000. Note that these values are not dependent on your current time zone - they start at 0, representing "0:00", and end at 864399999, representing "23:59".

You can set these values by calling .setDayStart(millis) and .setDayEnd(millis).