logo UhuruPhotos. A LibrePhotos client

UhuruPhotos is an Android client for LibrePhotos written using the latest Android technologies, like Jetpack Compose, SQLDelight, Coroutines etc using an MVI architecture.

It borrows a lot of ideas from Google Photos and aims to become a full featured photo album replacement, including features like offline support, backup and sync etc.

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While still early days, it already has a lot of features:

  • Photo feed with multiple views which can be changed by pinch to zoom gestures
  • Multiple select in feed to share/delete multiple items at once
  • Periodic background synchronization with LibrePhotos server
  • Photo details view with information like date, location, gps map, people view, sharing, adding/removing from favourites (synced with LibrePhotos server)
  • Video details view with all the above features and video playback
  • Search your photos using LibrePhotos’ search engine. Get search suggestions based on your photos.
  • People view and suggestions for people with most photos.
  • Photo map. See a heatmap of your photos. Navigate around the globe with the interactive map and see photos taken in the location currently viewed.
  • Dark/Light mode (manual and auto)
  • Tablet support
  • A lot of settings to help you control the app storage and memory requirements along with how frequently to perform synchronization with the LibrePhotos server.

As mentioned above, a lot of features will soon be implemented before the full public release, mainly:

  • Local photo support. This will make UhuruPhotos a viable Google Photos alternative which can be used as your primary camera roll viewer.
  • Backup/Sync local images with LibrePhotos server. Take control of your data by never having to worry about photo backups.
  • Album support. Currently the app only shows the full photo feed. Soon, user created albums will be supported as well.
  • Basic photo editing capabilities.
  • Foldables support.
  • …and more

Play Store

The app is currently in closed beta on the Google Play store. Contact me on twitter for access.


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