Story Thumbnail

Story Thumbnail is a library designed to assist Android developers in generating a thumbnail for a story. This thumbnail displays an image with stroke/dashes corresponding to the number of stories.

How To Install

Step 1

Add the JitPack repository to your project-level build.gradle / settings.gradle file

dependencyResolutionManagement {
    repositories {
        maven { url = uri("") }

Step 2

Add the dependency to your app-level build.gradle file

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.github.MohammedShaat:story-thumbnail:1.0.0'

How To Use

Just import StoryThumbnail composable function and set it up.


    count = 5,
    seen = 3,
    content = {
            painter = painterResource(id = R.drawable.profile),
            contentDescription = null,
    modifier = Modifier.size(150.dp),
    onClick = { },
    seenColor = Color.Green,
    unSeenColor = Color.Gray,
    width = 3.dp,
    spacing = 2.dp,


Argument Description
count Total number of stories
seen Number of seen stories
content Content to display, usually an image
modifier The Modifier to be applied to this element
onClick Will be called when user clicks on the element
seenColor Dash color of seen stories
unSeenColor Dash color of unseen stories
width Width of dashes
spacing Space between dashes


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