KBLS is a kotlin multiplatform BLS12-381 implementation built for creating cross platform chia applications.

Tips are much appreciated and will definitely help motivation! ?


The currently supported platforms are:

  • jvm (android/desktop)
  • javascript
  • linuxX64
  • MinGWX64
  • MacosX64
  • MacosArm64
  • iosX64
  • iosArm64

This library is still early and in development, not all features are tested let alone audited.

Below is a list of features which are tested & have unit tests/examples to look at (see src/commonTest/kotlin/chiachat/kbls)

  • AugSchemeMPL, BasicSchemeMPL, PopSchemeMPL
    • Generate private keys
    • Generate public keys
    • Derive child private/public keys
    • Sign messages w/ private keys
    • verify signed messages
    • create aggregate signatures
    • verify aggregate signatures

Getting Started

To get started using this library, just add the following dependency to your commonMain sourceset dependencies

sourceSets {
        val commonMain by getting {
            dependencies() {

Here are some examples of using a the library (more in depth examples can be found in the unit tests)

    // Private key seed, using all 0's as an example. Normally you'd take a 24 word phrase and encode it.
    val seed = UByteArray(32).also { it.fill(0.toUByte()) }
    val msg = "hello world".encodeToByteArray()
    val secretKey = BasicSchemeMPL.keyGen(seed1)
    val publicKey = sk.getG1()
    val sig = BasicSchemeMPL.sign(sk1, msg1)
    val valid = if(BasicSchemeMPL.verify(publicKey, msg, sig)) "Signature is valid!!" else "Invalid signature"


To build this project simply run ./gradlew build or ./gradlew publishToMavenLocal

To run the unit tests for all available platforms run ./gradlew test


Huge thanks to Rigidity for providing a javascript implementation to reference and cross-check against the chia python implementation https://github.com/Rigidity/bls-signatures


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