MOSSUP is a cross-platform GUI application for MOSS that aims to simplify interaction with the service. It is primarily being developed within the computer science department at University of Primorska for internal use.


  • Bulk import Assignments for testing. The import assumes the following structure, which is tailored to a Moodle export.

      |--> Student1
      |   |--> File
      |   |--> Folder
      |--> Student2
      |--> .
      |--> .
      |--> Studentn

MOSSUP assumes the subfolders in Assignments as the Student’s name. It recursively searchers for source files within each student’s folder.

  • Include/exclude assignments before submitting
  • Submit to Moss
  • Parse global similarity results image
  • Display code comparison between two assignments with highlighted code blocks image
  • Export results to xlsx
  • Moss options for changing the key, and selecting target language.


  • Graph based visualisation
  • Local DB of previously submitted checks
  • Load from MOSS url
  • Support direct download from Moddle assginment via URL (credentials required)
  • Support manual addition of individual assignments
  • Better code comparison visualisation (row indexed)
  • Anonymisation of students
  • Regex support for renaming assignments
  • Releases


  • Gradle
  • Java 9 or greater


  • Aleksandar TošićInitial WorkDormage


This project is licensed under the MIT License – see the LICENSE file for details


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