A generic collapsable implementation with dragging and nested scrolling support. This extracts and builds upon logic from the compose material 3 top app bar implementation.




This library is made up of a few main parts that you can pick-and-choose for your own collapsing ui implementations.


Lays out children in a column, allowing some of them to collapse. This is useful for simple cases like an accordion or a top app bar that hides portions when it scrolls away.

Tab bar screenshot Accordion screenshot

For example, a top app bar which hides it’s title but pins tabs as you scroll the page can be implemented as:

val collapsableBehavior = rememberCollapsableBehavior()
    modifier = Modifier.nestedScroll(collapsableBehavior.nestedScrollConnection),
    topBar = {
        CollapsableColumn(behavior = collapsableBehavior) {
            TopAppBar(title = { Text("Title") }, modifier = Modifier.collapse())
            TabRow {
) { padding ->
    LazyColumn(contentPadding = padding) {


The CollapsableBehavior above has 2 roles. It handles nested scrolling and drags on the collapsable view itself. You can use these pieces independently in your own implementations. To handle nested scrolling, use the Modifier.nestedScroll() modifier.

modifier = Modifier.nestedScroll(collapsableBehavior.nestedScrollConnection)

and to handle dragging on the view use the provided Modifier.draggable() modifier.

modifier = Modifier.draggable(collapsableBehavior)


CollapsableBehavior holds a CollapsableState which manages the actual expand and collapse state. You can use this state along with the behavior or by itself for your own more complex collapsing implementations. See the CustomLayoutTopAppBar and ParallaxBackgroundTopAppBar examples in the sample app.

Custom Layout screenshot Motion Layout screenshot


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