A Kotlin Multiplatform library (Jvm and Android are supported as well) that provide a flexible way to temporary pause and resume coroutines.

Getting started

  1. Add it in your root build.gradle at the end of repositories:

    allprojects {
        repositories {
     	   maven { url '' }
  2. Add the dependency

    dependencies {

    Look for versions at JitPack


Start a coroutine that can be paused:

val pausingJob = scope.launchPausing {
    // do some long-running job


val pausingDeferred = scope.asyncPausing {
    // do some long-running job

Then pause a launched coroutine:


and resume


If you switch a dispatcher, use pausing() function to make it support pausing too:

withContext(Dispatchers.IO.pausing()) {
    // I/O tasks

Nested coroutines are supported as well.

val pausingJob = scope.launchPausing {
    // do some long-running job
    val deferred = async {
        // this coroutine also will be paused within parent 
   // or
   launch(Dispatchers.Main.pausing()) {
       // TODO
  • Use standard launch and async coroutines builder to make nested coroutines pauses within the parent one. Do not forget to call .pausing() on new Dispatcher if you passing it.
  • Use launchPausing and asyncPausing to enable nested coroutines to be paused regardless of the parent. Calling .pausing() is unwanted in this case even if you pass a Dispatcher.
  • Use launch(NonPausing) and async(NonPausing) to disable nested coroutines to be paused within the parent.

Note that a coroutine can only be paused at suspension points. If you want to add these checks, use the ensureNotPaused function, that is more efficient comparing to yield.


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