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♣️ clubs

A simple and versatile command framework made with the primary objective of making Guilded command experience a little more elegant.

The default implementation of the common module is the client, which uses deck to communicate with Guilded’s API.


There is no official documentation, but you can find a nice example of the structure here:


This is module containing the main functionalities of the framework, being less powerful than the others:

val command = newCommand("repeat", "repeattask") {
    // Integer type
    val times by integer("times")
    // Nullable string type, only accepts a word
    val exampleWord by word("word").optional()
    // Nullable string type, only accepts text between quotes ("")
    val exampleQuotedString by quote("quote").optional()
    // Nullable string type, accepts unlimited words, but must be the last argument
    val exampleGreedyString by text("greedy_string").optional()
    runs {
        repeat(times) {
    // Subcommand
    command("massive") {
        val times by long("times")
        runs {
            repeat(times) { count ->
                 send("Count: $count")

You can’t use this module alone, since it does not have a command handler, in other words, it doesn’t have a bridge to send and receive content from, so it can’t reply nor parse commands.


This is the framework’s guilded client API implementation, supporting more data types and structures, take a look at the example:

suspend fun main() {
    val deck = DeckClient {}
    val clubs: ClubsInstance = ClientClubsInstance()

private fun HelloCommand() = command("hello") {
    val user by user("user")
    val role by role("role")
    val channel by channel("channel")
    runs { {
            paragraph {
                + "Channel: "
                + channel
            paragraph {
                + "User: "
                + user
            paragraph {
                + "Role: "
                + role

The above example accepts user, role and channel mentions and sends a reply mentioning them again.

If you want to get the channel’s state (like name, topic etc…), just like with deck, you can use channel.getState() to fetch this data making a request to guilded’s API.


To use clubs in your project, you only need to add this to your build.gradle.kts:

repositories {

Here you can replace clubsVersion with the latest version (0.6-SNAPSHOT).

And if you only want to use the common module, you can just replace clubs-client with clubs-common.

dependencies {


I got inspiration from Hexalite, a project I’m working on with eexsty and other amazing devs!


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