OPENRNDR template project

A feature rich template for creating OPENRNDR programs based on Gradle/Kts

The template consists of a configuration for Gradle and an example OPENRNDR program. The Gradle configuration should serve as the go-to starting point for writing OPENRNDR-based software.

If you are looking at this from IntelliJ IDEA you can start by expanding the project tab on the left. You will find a template program in src/main/kotlin/TemplateProgram.kt

You will find some basic instructions in the OPENRNDR guide

Gradle tasks

  • run runs the TemplateProgram
  • jar creates an executable platform specific jar file with all dependencies
  • zipDistribution creates a zip file containing the application jar and the data folder
  • jpackageZip creates a zip with a stand-alone executable for the current platform (works with Java 14 only)

Cross builds

To create runnable jars for a platform different from the platform you use to build one uses ./gradlew jar --PtargetPlatform=<platform>. The supported platforms are windows, macos, linux-x64 and linux-arm64. Note that the linux-arm64 platform will only work with OPENRNDR snapshot builds from master and OPENRNDR 0.3.39 (a future version).

Github Actions

This repository contains a number of Github Actions in ./github/workflows. The actions enable a basic build run on commit, plus publication actions that are executed when a commit is tagged with a version number like v0.* or v1.*.


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